By Rahmatullah Mahmud

A historic  decision that would take Zamfara’s digital economy to new heights has been made, as Governor Dauda Lawal has approved the state’s telecom companies’ removal of Right of Way (RoW) fees. According to the Nigerian Communications Commission’s petition, this strategic choice represents a major advancement for Nigeria’s digital environment.

The announcement of this action by the Zamfara Information Technology Agency demonstrates the state government’s resolve to increase broadband adoption and unlock investments in digital infrastructure. Zamfara State hopes to encourage telecom providers to broaden their networks and hasten the development of digital infrastructure throughout the state by doing away with RoW fees.

Stakeholders have praised Governor Dauda Lawal’s leadership and vision in leading this project, hailing the choice as a driver for innovation and economic development in Zamfara State. It is anticipated that the removal of RoW fees will reduce the expense of establishing telecom infrastructure, increasing the accessibility of high-speed internet for both homes and enterprises.

This action is being taken at a critical juncture, as the importance of digital connectivity as a foundation for social and economic advancement is becoming more widely acknowledged. Prioritizing the removal of obstacles to the deployment of digital infrastructure will help Zamfara State draw in investment, generate employment, and improve the standard of living for its people.

Zamfara’s proactive attempt to creating a climate that is favorable for digital innovation and entrepreneurship is noteworthy, especially in light of other Nigerian states that are also grappling with the issues posed by the digital transition. Under the visionary leadership of Governor Dauda Lawal, Zamfara State is set to become a leader in Nigeria’s digital revolution.

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