On Friday, March 1, in the city of Lagos, the heart of Nigeria’s bustling tech landscape where innovation thrives and possibilities abound, the Interswitch Development Community (IDC) hosted tech founders, developers and other stakeholders to an evening of networking, bonding and fun, tagged ‘The Coded Party’.

This wasn’t your typical corporate event; it was a convergence of genius minds, a celebration of innovation, and a testament to the vibrant Interswitch Developer Community (IDC) that Interswitch proudly promotes.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, founders and developers, from tech communities and organizations such as Interswitch, Piggyvest, Empower Her Community, Data Community Africa, Web3 Afrika, Enyata Community, Greenbii Technologies, converged at the relaxing Mera Mera beach Victoria Island, for an evening filled with great vibes as they exchanged ideas, shared insights, and forged connections that transcend professional boundaries.

Beyond the exchange of knowledge, the event served as a strong reminder of the power of community. In an industry often characterized by stiff competition, Interswitch has fostered a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie, uniting like-minded individuals in a shared pursuit of industry-wide advancements buoyed by innovation and collaboration.

In the dynamic technology landscape, where the only constant is change, events like these also serve as beacons of inspiration, harnessing the spark of creativity and driving progress. At the end of the evening, as attendees dispersed with minds buzzing with possibilities, they also carried with them the spirit of the Interswitch Developer Community—a spirit of unity, innovation, and limitless potential.

Interswitch invites Developers, Product Managers, Product Designers, and technology enthusiasts to join the overarching initiative called the “Interswitch Developer Connect Series” and be a part of the immense learning and networking opportunities. If you are a seasoned developer or just starting your journey, this series provides valuable insights, and the chance to become part of a bustling community of innovators. To learn more about joining the Interswitch Developer Community, click here.

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