…says “consumer is king”.

By Rahmatullah Mahmud

Mr. Clem Omife, Deputy Director of the Consumer Affairs Bureau at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), welcomed attendees to the celebration of World Consumer Rights Day at the NCC headquarters in Maiatama, Abuja. The event, held on March 15th, aimed to underscore the importance of consumer rights and protection in the telecommunications sector.

Highlighting the significance of World Consumer Rights Day, Omife emphasized the pivotal role consumers play in driving the telecom industry’s activities. Drawing from economic principles, he referenced Adam Smith’s assertion that consumption is the ultimate goal of production and services, underscoring the centrality of consumer welfare. He also echoed John Wanamaker’s famous phrase, “Customer is King,” emphasizing the NCC’s commitment to prioritizing consumer interests.

Omife outlined various consumer-centric initiatives implemented by the NCC to safeguard consumer rights and promote consumer education. These initiatives include outreach programs such as the Telecom Consumer Parliament, Market Conversation, and Campus Conversation, as well as the publication of the Telecom Consumer Handbook. Additionally, he announced the imminent deployment of an Automated Consumer Complaints Management system to enhance complaint resolution channels with service providers.

Concluding his address, Omife reaffirmed the NCC’s unwavering dedication to consumer protection, emphasizing that consumers will always occupy a special position in the Commission’s activities. He stressed that without consumers, the telecommunications industry would cease to exist. With these sentiments, the NCC commemorated World Consumer Rights Day, underscoring its commitment to upholding consumer rights and welfare in the telecommunications sector.

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