The nation’s telecom providers are preparing for another wave of phone line disconnections for customers who haven’t connected their SIM cards to their National Identity Numbers (NINs).

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) issued a directive requiring all registered SIMs without valid NIN linking to be either fixed or entirely disconnected from networks. As a result, the disconnections are scheduled to occur on Friday, March 29.

Commencing on February 28, 2024, the NIN-SIM Linkage procedure is a component of the government’s endeavor to counter illicit acts like kidnapping and banditry, with the ultimate goal of strengthening national security.

It has been stated that operators have worked with the NCC to carry out the mandate, proving their commitment to national security goals and making sure everything is done according to schedule.

The second phase will target consumers with five or more SIMs from a single provider that lack validated NIN-SIM links.

Beginning on April 15, the third phase will concentrate on subscribers with four SIMs or fewer as well as unverified NINs.

Telecom businesses are pushing for a review and an extension of the third phase’s April deadline, but the NCC appears to be firmly committed to the set schedules.

About 17 million active SIMs without NIN submissions and 23 million inactive SIMs without NINs were among the 40 million lines that were barred in the first phase.

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