From Second L- R: Mrs Nnena Ukoha, Head Corporate Communications, NCC, Ms Hafsat Lawal, Head Human Capital, NCC, Engr. Abraham Oshadami, Executive Commissioner Technical Services, NCC; Dr Aminu Maida, EVC/CEO, NCC, Ms Rimini Makama, Executive Commissioner Stakeholder Mgt, NCC; Mr. Reuben Muoka, Director Public Affairs, NCC; Dr. Nwanisobi Beluchi, Deputy Director, NCC; Mrs. Adejoke Atte, Head procurement, NCC.

This year’s International Women’s Day was celebrated by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) with a powerful call to action, paying respect to the achievements made by women in the workplace. Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the NCC, emphasized the organization’s steadfast dedication to promoting inclusivity and diversity among its personnel at the NCC Headquarters in Abuja.

Acknowledging the invaluable role that women play in driving progress and innovation, Dr. Maida emphasized the importance of creating an environment where women are empowered and included. He urged government agencies, corporate entities, and stakeholders within the telecommunications and ICT industry to join hands with the NCC in building a supportive ecosystem that nurtures talent and skills among women, while championing equal opportunities for their growth and advancement.

The commemoration of International Women’s Day at the NCC served as a poignant reminder of the strides made towards gender equality and the ongoing efforts needed to create a more inclusive society. By amplifying the voices of women and advocating for their empowerment, the NCC reaffirmed its commitment to driving positive change and fostering a workplace culture that embraces diversity, equality, and progress for all.

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