By Rahmatullah Mahmud

Mrs Nnenna Ukoha, Deputy Director/ Head, Corporate Communications,Public Affairs Department, NCC presenting the keynote address on behalf of the EVC at International Girls in ICT Day 2024 organized by E-Business Life in Lagos.

Dr. Aminu Maida, represented by Mrs. Nnenna Ukoha, Head of Corporate Communications at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), underscored the importance of creating a supportive environment in schools and workplaces to inspire more girls to pursue careers in the ICT sector.

Speaking at a recent “e-business life” event in celebration of this year’s Girls in ICT Day, Mrs. Ukoha emphasized the significance of mentorship and networking opportunities in empowering girls to break barriers and excel in the field of technology.

L-R: Ufuoma Emuophedaro, Convener, Girls in ICT/CEO EBusinessLife; Tinuade Oguntuyi, Head, Network and Solutions, Information Connectivity Solutions Limited receiving the Connectivity Champion Award presented by Mrs Ukoha.

Recognizing the need for diversity and inclusion in the ICT sector, Mrs. Ukoha highlighted the pivotal role of mentorship programs and initiatives that provide girls with exposure to real-world ICT experiences, ultimately fostering their interest and confidence in pursuing ICT-related careers.

The remarks from the NCC, delivered at the “e-business life” event, underscore a concerted effort to address gender disparities in the ICT sector and encourage more girls to participate in the digital economy.

L-R: Mrs Jumoke Alaka,Senior Manager, NITDA; Mrs Kemi Fadipe, Head, Customer Care, Globacom; Mrs Nwaigwe; Mrs Ukoha.

By advocating for supportive environments, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the NCC aims to cultivate a generation of empowered and skilled female ICT professionals who will contribute to innovation and economic growth in Nigeria and beyond.

As the world celebrates Girls in ICT Day, initiatives like these serve as catalysts for driving gender equality and creating pathways for girls to thrive in the dynamic and rewarding field of information and communication technology.

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