By: Rahmatullah Mahmud

It is with a sense of praise to the Almighty Allah that I welcome Muslim faithful in Nigeria and across the globe to this year’s glorious month of Ramadan.

As Muslims, we understand that the basic tenets of this holy month is about sacrifice and devotion in worship to God.

For us as Nigerians, this year’s Ramadan has come at a time when our dear country is at the crossroads.

For us as individuals and as a people, we are at a point of despondency and confusion.

But the month of Ramadan has come to us as a blessing from the Almighty with an opportunity for us to wash away our worries, doubts, and hopelessness.

It is quite clear that the essential principles of this holy month are what is needed to heal our wounds, both as individuals and as a country.

First is the importance of sacrifice not just to our families and the people around us but to the cause of peace.

And secondly, is the requirement of piety from us all in the worship of God.

I, therefore, enjoin all Muslims in Nigeria and the world over to use the benefits of this holy month of Ramadan to seek spiritual guidance, as I wish us a happy Ramadan fasting

May God bless you all and count our sacrifices in this holy month as acts of worship.

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