Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie has stirred reactions online after unfollowing her goddaughter, Destiny Etiko, and a few of her close colleagues.

A thorough examination has revealed that she has stopped following Destiny Etiko, Anita Joseph, Nuella Njubigbo, Oma Nnadi, and others. In return, Destiny Etiko has also unfollowed Mercy Johnson.

Sources suggest that Mercy Johnson decided to unfollow Destiny Etiko because she did not support her husband during his political campaign, which he eventually won.

Many netizens have responded by claiming that the mother of four is adept at unfollowing her colleagues, particularly when they fail to praise her.

One of Mercy Johnson’s fans, who liked a comment encouraging her to ensure that her husband delivers on his promises after winning the election, claims to have been blocked by the actress.

@LegendrySandy wrote: “I noticed something about Mercy Johnson….. She can’t take criticism… It has to be a compliment or you’re blocked… Topical”

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