…As Committee Members Strengthen Commitment to Ensuring Free Legal Services to Detained Persons and Upholding their Rights

The Kano State Police Duty Solicitor Scheme Advisory Committee reaffirms its dedication to ensuring free legal assistance to arrested and detained individuals within the Police Formations and Correctional Centres.

2. As part of this commitment, on the 5th of March 2024, the committee members visited Janguza Correctional Centre and some Police Divisions including Fagge, Zango, Hotoro, and Sharada Division.

3. The primary objective of these visits was to ensure the successful implementation of the Police Duty Solicitor Scheme (PDSS) which aims to provide legal support to both detainees and members of the Force. By offering this service, the Kano Police Command seeks to uphold the principles of equity, justice, fairness, and the protection of human rights for all individuals involved in legal proceedings.

4. During the visits, where the Committee was led by the Kano State Commissioner of Police, CP Mohammed Usaini Gumel, FIPMA, psc engaged with the Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) at the respective Police Divisions to evaluate the detainees status and free legal services provided to them. The team further examined and adopted the right ways to enhancing the effectiveness of the PDSS by ensuring that improve access to legal aid and promoting the rights and responsibilities of both detainees and officers under the scheme.

5. The Kano State Police Duty Solicitor Scheme Advisory Committee is assuaring it’s comments to steadfastness and ensuring that all individuals have equal access to legal representation and fair treatment within the criminal justice system. In furtherance, to advisory team will continue to build strong collaboration with Police Divisions, Courts, and Correctional Centres, rights activists and civil society for upholding the police force values, integrity and professionalism. It will also foster the culture of accountability and transparency in legal proceedings.

6. Finally, the Commissioner of Police expresses deepest appreciation to all participating members of the Advisory Committee for being instrumental and dedicated to the promotion of this course adding that their commitment will undoubtedly make a meaningful difference in the lives of all Kano State residents and Nigerians at large.


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