The Guaranty Trust Holdings Company (GTCO) annual food and drinks festival was a huge success, with a massive turnout on the first day and plenty of international chefs and drinks brands in attendance. It’s great to hear that families were able to enjoy themselves and have a memorable time at the event.

The masterclass sessions with global and award-winning chefs must have been a fantastic opportunity for attendees to learn about different types of continental dishes and their various condiments. It’s always exciting to try new foods and expand our culinary horizons.

The inclusion of local dishes like Akara, Ofada-rice, roasted plantain, and roasted-corn is also a great way to showcase the diversity of African cuisine and satisfy both domestic and international taste buds. It’s wonderful to hear that the event has boosted businesses for vendors and menu makers in the past, and it seems like this year’s event will be no different.

Overall, the GTCO food and drinks festival appears to have achieved its goal of promoting the future of foods and drinks in a way that intertwines African and continental menus. It’s great to see events like this that celebrate food and bring people together.

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