Umar Ahmed Tijani
Chairman, Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Kogi State Chapter.

As Ramadan draws to a close and the joyous occasion of Eid al-Fitr dawns upon us, it’s a time for reflection, gratitude, and celebration. Throughout the holy month, Muslims around the world have embarked on a journey of self-discipline, spiritual growth, and resilience. In the face of challenges, uncertainties, and sacrifices, the essence of Ramadan lies in the unwavering faith and determination of believers to strengthen their connection with Allah and uphold the principles of Islam.

As Chairman of the Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME), Kogi State Chapter, I am reminded of the profound lessons of resilience and perseverance that Ramadan imparts to us all. Just as fasting teaches us to endure hunger and thirst with patience and fortitude, entrepreneurship requires resilience in the face of adversity and setbacks. In the pursuit of our business endeavors, we encounter obstacles, setbacks, and unforeseen challenges that test our resolve and determination. However, it is during these moments of trial that our faith and resilience are truly put to the test.

Throughout Ramadan, we have witnessed the remarkable resilience of individuals, families, and communities in the face of economic hardships and social upheavals. Despite the challenges, the spirit of solidarity, compassion, and generosity has shone brightly, illuminating our path with hope and optimism. As we gather with loved ones to celebrate Eid el-Fitr, let us carry forward the lessons of resilience, empathy, and unity that Ramadan has instilled in us.

In the days and weeks ahead, let us continue to build on the foundation of resilience that Ramadan has nurtured within us. Let us channel our collective strength and determination towards overcoming challenges, supporting one another, and building a brighter future for our families, communities, and nation. As entrepreneurs, let us draw inspiration from the spirit of Ramadan to innovate, adapt, and thrive in the face of adversity. Together, with unwavering faith and resilience, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve success in all our endeavors.

As we bid farewell to Ramadan and welcome the joyous occasion of Eid el-Fitr, let us embrace the spirit of resilience, gratitude, and hope that defines this auspicious time. May the blessings of Ramadan continue to illuminate our hearts and guide us on the path of righteousness and prosperity. Eid Mubarak to you all!

Umar Ahmed Tijani
Chairman, Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Kogi State Chapter

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