By Oki Samson

It is highly unlikely that when a roll call of the historic towns in Lagos is made, Agege will not come within the first five (5). Agege didn’t use to be part of Lagos at the Independence of Nigeria in 1960, it was under the defunct Western region. However, with the creation of Lagos State in 1967, it effectively became a city in Lagos.

Alongside its historic significance, the conurbation is also notable for being a cultural melting point for Nigerians of all tribes and religions. First, being on the old narrow-gauge railway, it was a major destination for people, raw materials, cash crops, and other items. By the time, Ikeja became the capital of Lagos State, Agege’s nearness made it an automatic choice location for residential purposes for civil servants and staff of banks and private firms that made Ikeja their headquarters. This ensured that Agege became a place to be called ‘home’ for several Nigerians. A large number of influential Nigerians, home and abroad have their respective ‘my Agege story’!

While these successful individuals have their respective ‘my Agege story’, they shudder at what Agege is becoming. Many of them, once they leave, don’t even want to pay a visit. Many areas where they lived rather than improve are regressing. Many locations that they can recall as academic fronts and intellectual discourse have been taken over by touts. The youths who should engage in creative purposes are being reduced to illicit drug users, pickpockets, political thugs, and other devilish vices. The roads are not tarred, the streets are not lit at night, the general outlook of the environment is not conducive.

A group of passionate indigenes, eminent personalities home and abroad of Agege extraction collectively known as AGEGE RENEWED HOPE MOVEMENT is determined to stem this ugly trend. The group is determined to restore the lost glory of the culturally relevant and historically important city of Agege. The group is determined to light up the hopes of old and young Nigerians who now reside in Agege.

With the calibre of individuals that Agege can boast of in public service, private business, sports, security, Arts, entertainment, et al, Agege deserves much more. This is the reason behind the birth of the movement. This is a clarion call to all indigenes and residents of Agege to join hand to restore and reposition Agege back to its old glory. AGEGE RENEWED HOPE MOVEMENT is here!

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